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Recurved-Space is a collaborative JV within an experienced collective of reputable SME’s in electronics and related disciplines, based in South Wales and the South West of England. The joint aim is to provide future technologies with cost-effective tracking, telemetry, control and command architecture and software, to ensure autonomous vehicles and flight systems alike benefit from the expertise to be found in dedicated and focused agile businesses.

Ddiwydiannol leads project management activities, organises and manages the overall business including supply chain and customer relationships. Ddiwydiannol is the catalyst and proactive organiser of collaborative working joint-ventures to address specific markets and technology development based on and around primarily electronics and software development, including all supply chain management solutions.

Black Arrow Space Technologies is a UK launch service operator, launching rockets from a seaborne platform to low earth orbit. As a fully integrated vertical provider, of structures, rocket designs and systems, assembly and integration, and launch services, Black Arrow holds the highest level of applied design authority, providing the various interdependencies and specific performance parametric requirements for supply partners to acquire and achieve to enable these services to be provided efficiently.

Ultranyx are experts in the software development of secure and real-time mission critical systems into the defence, space and telecoms sectors. Ultranyx has designed and developed some of the largest and most mission critical systems within Europe.

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